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Jul 24, - Could you ever imagine how the world would be if men had breasts? Lets get into the facts first — actually men do have breasts. Basic human.

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Aug 30, - Sometimes I just want to have fun on my channel so this week I HAD FUN:) To see more of the lovely London Hughes go here: Twitter. Apr 6, - The American bikini model has revealed how she is desperate for revealed: “I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life as I would love.

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Apr 29, - Jason Nemec has a weird confession: he's sort of jealous for his wife for having boobs. Why? Because unlike him, she has the tools to relax. Jun 6, - have you? (i guess this is for guys only.. *wonders if girls ever wish they didn't have boobs*) i never thought i did till today. i heard some of.

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Oct 4, - I like having boobs. They make me feel feminine, attractive and they also double up as amazing hand warmers during winter. Sometimes, you If you are a man that wears a bra, do you wish you had. Apr 7, - I wanted boobs so badly, but here's what I didn't realize. Well, her chest was huge, so I had to have hope, right? image. Courtesy of Felicia.

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They bring about a certain imagery that I hope not to associate myself with. And yet I did choose to get breast augmentation when I was 25 and have been. Mar 28, - From the day my parents sat me down and told me it was time I get a training bra to this past November, I had one wish: smaller breasts.

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Aug 29, - Breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure since , according to the American Society of Plastic. Aug 16, - I was 17 when I got my breast reduction which would officially make it 10 years ago. When I tell people I had a breast reduction, their first.

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Apr 15, - Women with large breasts may wish for smaller breasts, while women with small breasts may wish they had larger ones. Those in the latter. Mar 28, - If you're considering getting breast implants, read this advice from women She now wishes she had done more research and waited until she.

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Dec 7, - People may also want to reduce their breast size for cosmetic or due to pregnancy, medications, or thyroid issues can also have an impact. Jul 21, - In 20 years I have not had a single patient that regrets their decision, yet I have had many that say they wish they did the surgery sooner.