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Feb 7, - Infection, Environmental, and Behavioral Causes. If your cat has started peeing in the bathtub, take notice. Any time your cat urinates outside the litter box, you should have your vet examine it to rule out a medical problem. Cats are known for getting urinary tract infections, and male cats get urethral blockages.

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Feb 17, - How to Stop Your Cat From Pooping in the Sink or Bathtub. By Amy . When Your Cat Pees on Your Clothes, Remove the Odor Permanently. Assuming that this behavior is not due to an infection there are a number of ways to handle your kitty's new toilet practices. This is a guide about cat is peeing in.

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Feb 23, - Cat peed in the bath! - posted in Your Pets: After some advice please. We have a lovely rescue cat who we adopted 14 months ago. She is a. Jan 31, - It sounds like he is spraying, but that is more usual in un-neutered male cats as a way of marking territory. How long ago was he fixed? It could Why does my cat keep peeing on my clothes and in my.

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Jan 20, - Then, in December, escapee cat started peeing in the bathtub, specifically right down the drain (which meant that I didn't discover it as quickly How do I stop my cat from pooping in the bathtub. My ex cat used to be fascinated by the drain and water. After she peed she Yeah my cat has pretty much always peed in the bathtub/shower.

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Aug 19, - Cat urinating in sink or bathtub is an issue but not just of cleanliness. It can indicate a veterinary medical issue. Learn more about this & cat. I'm not super concerned or anything but just curious what other people's experience has been with this behaviour. I never noticed the He pees in the bathtub. But *only* when I am on the toilet.

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Jan 19, - If your cat is pooping in the bathtub, shower, or bathroom sink, there are a Never rub your cat's nose in their poop or pee as a way of telling. As the title of this thread states, my cat is healthy. She started peeing in the bathtub after my son was born, which was fine, it was easy to.

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Sep 13, - Hi All, Just for advice really as I am new to the cat owning business. I have two lovely black and white moggies, from the same litter. They are. Jan 28, - Hi all, I have three cats - all neutered males. The 'middle' cat is a 2-year-old neutered tom who really likes peeing in the bath tub. We took him.

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cat in urinating in tub Is your adult cat urinating outside his litter box? There could be a number of reasons as to why he's chosen the bathtub to use the bathroom. Lately, my cat has developed a strange habit. Twice allready, he has peed into the bathtub, right on top of the drain. Granted, he could have.