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What does coca-cola have to do with masturbation? . Not really a nickname but it's what I call it when I'm procrastinating doing something else Reddit, what are your best nicknames for masturbation? - AskReddit.

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Mar 23, - Favourite names for masturbation, the world's favourite pastime. From the people who brought you 50 Great Names for Cum / Vagina / Penis / Breasts / Death and Drunk, this is 50 Great . 50 Male Masturbation nicknames. Oct 20, - Maybe if we gave women more names for dialing their rotary phones for female masturbation that any lady can use to nickname her DIY time.

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May 20, - 10 Hilarious Slang Terms For Masturbation, With Illustrations. Cuffing the carrot. Ines Vuckovic. Saucing the taco. Ines Vuckovic. Beating the bishop. Ines Vuckovic. Burping the worm. Ines Vuckovic. Buffin' the muffin. Ines Vuckovic. Choking the chicken. Ines Vuckovic. Painting the pickle. Ines Vuckovic. Flicking the. masturbation, masterbation, euphemisms, all about masturbation, names, words, nicknames, funny list.

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Many people have different slang labels for masturbation. The following is a brief list of some of the other names masturbation is known by. Lol some good ones in here. Took all of my favorite funny ones, so here's my personal fave that you can sneak into regular conversation-.

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May 7, - Unfortunately, many of the other words for masturbation are just as bad. There are This nickname for getting off is clear and to the point. 7. May 24, - Please check off all the euphemisms for male masturbation that you recognize. Spanking the monkey. Five finger shuffle. Making the bald man.

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May 19, - The closest I get to a cute nickname is saying I'm "playing acoustic" if I opt to not use my vibrator. That's as good as I get, but it turns out others. Jan 20, - Ok, there are lots of slang names for masterbating. Some of the Is it not logical, therefore, that we should have just as many for masturbation?