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Mar 15, - Sperm agglutination refers to the percentage of sperm stuck together in the provided sample. Sperm can stick together at the head, tail or head-to-tail. When reading your fertility test results, the percentage assigned to sperm agglutination represents the percentage of sperm stuck together in the sample.

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Berl Munch Tierarztl Wochenschr. Jul-Aug;() [The incidence of agglutination and its influence on sperm quality and fertility of boar semen]. sterility: sperm agglutination due to autoantibodies. Agglutination or clumping of spermatozoa in the ejaculate is a relatively uncommon phenom- enon and has.

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Mar 19, - Agglutination of sperm occurs when the head or tail of one sperm sticks to another sperm restricting the motility of the sperm. The presence of agglutination can be indicative of the presence of anti sperm antibodies whose presence can be determined using a MAR (Mixed antibody reaction) Concentration‎: ‎15 million. Jun 17, - Further, factor responsible for sperm agglutination (SAF) was isolated and purified, and, using SAF as a tool, corresponding SAF binding.

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ABSTRACT: Human spermatozoa may be agglutinated by bacteria, virus, and mycoplasmas, as well as by epithelial cells and cellular debris. Agglutination may. Feb 6, - In knockout mice, the authors identified agglutinated sperm plugs that led to ED obstruction and back pressure in the testis, resulting in failed.