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Aug 13, - OK so there is a lot to cover here. #1: A actually study found that being kicked in the Vulva is as painful as being kicked in the Testicles. #2: If we Do women feel the same amount of pain if they get hit.

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I would imagine being kicked in the vagina hurts. I wouldn't know specifically from experience but I can compare it to running into the corner of a table. Welcome to TooAfraidToAsk, a sub that's dedicated to providing a more open question&answer discussion experience. We allow throwaways.

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It's going to be one person getting kicked in the vagina and another kicked in the balls pain is personal and subjective to the one experiencing. Jan 14, - Anyway, for whatever reason, my vagina started bleeding when we switched . Getting kicked in the vag at an early age will scar you for life.

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Sep 15, - Here at SteadyHealth, we typically prefer to offer you scientific answers, with references to peer-reviewed studies so you can conduct your own. Sep 27, - It's not surprising, considering that your vaginal area, like your breasts, in that I won't ever know what it's like to be kicked in the balls, but I can.

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Jan 13, - Krav Manga as a middle-eastern discipline teaches its male and female students to kick the vulva and to use the tip of the shoe or the boot. The vagina is strong- it's a muscle that helps push a baby out- but the vulva has lots of very sensitive, delicate parts. Kicking or hitting a woman's vulva won't.

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Sep 28, - My girlfriend and friends have been arguing over the question: Which hurts more, getting kicked in the Vagina, or getting kicked in the nuts? When a woman is kicked in the vagina for fun or when she asks for it, it doesn't hurt like when a guy gets kicked in the balls so it is safe. It is compared to getting.