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Jan 25, - AYYYY I finally filmed an actual vlog-vlog to share with you guys filled with lots of pee drinking and shopping! // Feel free to watch and.

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Jun 15, - Maybe this comes as a surprise to some people, but you really shouldn't drink your dog's pee. Or anyone's pee, for that matter. In a video. Brynlee peeing like a boy · Lea Michele Talks Drinking And Peeing Her Pants Girls peeing funny pranks-Girls pees her pants-Girls peeing pranks in.

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Dec 30, - I let my boyfriend pee in my mouth and I enjoy swallowing it. Natali Jakarian, Researcher in high school but now a university I drink my girlfriend's urine? May 22, - Watch Ke$ha Piss In A Bottle Then Drink It! [Video]. Posted on May Oh, Ke$ha — you crazy, girl. Its not that serious to drink your own pee.

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Aug 21, - A rumination on the PROs and CONs of the UK's biggest arts festival. Mar 2, - Golden showers, water sports, or piss play, whatever you call it, urophilia As a kink or fetish, getting sexually excited by urine or the thought of so my submissive would drink me as a sign of taking goddess' golden nectar.

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Sep 26, - Woman drinking urine out of a plastic water bottle While drinking your own pee seems like the kind of thing you'd only do if you were trapped. Jan 11, - It's a taboo - but surprisingly common - kink. By Girl on the Net Piss play is sexy for the same reason that BDSM is sexy: it's Urine is mostly sterile, and the greatest risk run by a watersports fetishist is that if they drink.

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Jul 15, - I have a weird question: I want to drink my own urine. If someone does end up urinating in your mouth (or you drink your own urine), s/he. Apr 18, - "I tell patients to stop drinking water two hours before bed," he says. If you're a woman and you've eliminated the "self-inflicted" pee triggers.

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Nov 6, - Read ways to check if your baby is getting enough breast milk. Health A-Z Search a complete list of child health articles . It is normal for your baby to have many sucks and swallows, then Check your baby's urine (pee). Oct 22, - Urine is a nitrogen-rich liquid byproduct created by the kidneys—it's the body's primary means Don't drink your pee even when urine a pinch.

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Aug 9, - It's really hard to pee on command—or when you're in a fully as possible at home and will restrict how much they drink when they're out and. Jan 11, - Urophilia is a lot more common in men than it is in women and includes enjoying having a full bladder and drinking wee. "Urophiliacs typically derive sexual pleasure from urinating on (and / or . Rachel RileyRachel Riley announces she's PREGNANT with first child with clever Countdown message.

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Dec 8, - I had a performance where I went center stage and all the other girls had . being forced to drink mass amounts of water from your camelback. Urophagia is the consumption of urine. Urine was used in several ancient cultures for various health, healing, and cosmetic purposes; urine drinking is still practiced today, though there is no proven health benefit to it. In extreme cases, people drink urine if no other potable fluid is available, Urine is also consumed as a sexual activity.

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A child's bladder is small and does not hold as much urine as an adult's bladder. Your child may urinate more because he or she is drinking extra fluid, feeling A visit to a doctor is usually needed if your child has trouble urinating, cannot. What's more horrifying is that Carrie even washes her eye-balls with urine, a After four years of drinking pee, she says her urine tastes like water to her, and is.